Esthetic professionals in high demand recognize that in today's competitive market - there is the need to develop an exceptional edge. Engaging in higher education helps to sharpen skill sets and stratifies your knowledge base by keeping it current. 

DERMA EDUCATION TV  was created to support higher education in today's progressive and ever evolving esthetic market. We believe that all estheticians should have the opportunity to expand upon their knowledge base in all areas of esthetics practices and sciences. Our tiered programs offer a variety of learning platforms and topics for all esthetic academic aspirations.


The mission of DETV stems from our commitment to support the integrity and educational sector of the esthetic industry. This objective stems from acknowledging the all encompassing attributes of continuing education. Through our programs, we hope to raise the consciousness of esthetic academia and its significance.  Our gesture of providing higher education  represents a specificity of unwavering dedication to the field of esthetics and its prosperity for years to come.



The foundation of DETV training is based on core components in esthetic sciences with an emphasis on higher learning. We believe that the steps to developing the competitive edge includes a passion to acquire more knowledge and develop greater skill sets. Our training is designed for discerning and progressive estheticians that want to take their careers onto a learning pathway that includes critical thinking, acceptance of new concepts and thinking outside the box.


We promote the power of knowledge - and knowledge is power. We believe the learning experience should be engaging, informative and inspiring. 

Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and  what you put into it.......

Brian Tracey