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Dr.erin madigan-fleck NMD



Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck is a naturopathic medical physician, licensed master cosmetologist, esthetician, esthetic instructor, dermatology technician and brings over 30 years of experience to the esthetic and natural health industry. She was the lead aesthetician for The Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA providing pre & postoperative care and remedial  image rehabilitation for burn patients and patients with other health anomalies and disfigurements. Her work in this area continues as a distinguished member of the British Association of Skin Camouflage in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Madigan-Fleck is a nationally certified Natural Health Professional, and served her clinical naturopathic residency at Progressive Medical Centers of America in Atlanta, GA. She received her Naturopathic Medical Doctoral degree from the University of Science, Arts and Technology School of Medicine. She is a member of the American Society For Nutrition, International Association For Applied Corneotherapy, the Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists, and is NCEA certified. She is an advisory board member for Skin Inc. Magazine and the Southeastern Director of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners.  She holds a private practice - Naturophoria, located in Atlanta, GA




Alexandra J. Zani is an international educator, speaker, author and researcher with a passion for higher learning. The scope of her career  has included business ownership and management, technical consulting, product development,  and authoring for textbooks and industry trade publications. She has received numerous advanced certifications both  in the  U.S. and abroad in dermal sciences, spa therapies, microcurrent, LED, and non-ablative  laser.  Alex holds an esthetic/cosmetology instructors license in S.C and was an esthetics  instructor for Fortis College inJacksonville, FL and the Academy of Hair Technology in Greenville, SC. Alex served as the corporate esthetician and national educator for private label and custom cosmetic manufacturer CBI Laboratories of Dallas, TX. She was also the educational director, and technical and scientific advisor for the CosMedic Laser Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -  responsible for developing and implementing curriculum, and was the lead trainer for micro current technologies.

Her academic background includes cell biology and medical technology and she is considered one of the foremost educators in scientific esthetics. Her articles have been featured world wide and she has been sought after as  technical consultant for spas, salons and corporations across the country. She was the lead author for Milady's Standard Comprehensive Training for Estheticians 
textbook in 2003, and has been a contributing author to the Advanced Professional Skincare - Medical Edition by Peter Pugliese (2005). Alex was also the general manager for an award winning and internationally recognized research physician supporting product  development, technical writing, sales, marketing and education in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Ms. Zani is NCEA Certified, has received certification in both Oncology Esthetics® and the famed Pastiche Method™ of Skin Analysis. She is a member of the educational board of the International Association of Corneotherapy (IAC) and was a key note speaker at the 2016 IAC Global Conference in Cologne, Germany.  She  received the  Donn Kerr Esthetics  International Humanitarian Award at the 2016 Southern Salon and Spa Conference. Alex maintains a clientele at her esthetic  practice: the Aesthani Skincare Institute in Greenville, SC. 

Credentialing - the power of professionalism


A message from Dr. Madigan-Fleck


It is understood that as esthetic professionals the commitment to provide services ultimately impacts the lives of others. Our gesture of providing service represents a specificity to remain constant with integrity, conviction and an unwavering dedication to be and perform our best- for ourselves and for our public. Our organization  upholds these values in our approach as practitioners serving our clientele, our methodology in teaching advanced education, the quality of research we conduct, the curriculum we write, and the  way and manner in which we communicate this knowledge stems from a passion to learn, share knowledge.  The intent is to contribute to the world around us. 

Our level of instruction represents a method of teaching methodology of  

intellectual proportion - As well seasoned educators, we see this as a pathway of the future in our fast changing world of science and technology. 

The esthetic world will continue to place technology in front of us - it is ultimately our own will and

determination to move forward - or to accept status quo, and what may result from such.

It is our commitment to raise the bar in advanced esthetic education a new threshold, by engaging knowledge and skills through science and research - encouraging the esthetician to become more progressive, adapt a critical thinking posture, and ultimately discover a new found appreciation for learning, training and their careers.

The creed of our industry must remain constant with quality and integrity in order for our industry to prosper for years  to come and for the development of future visionaries and educators.

We invite and welcome you to accept
the challenge - a challenge to learn new thoughts and become inspired...


Why Do We Need Certification and Credentialing?

Certification is a voluntary process that recognizes an individual who has met predetermined qualifications such as job tasks for a profession. These standards are usually specified by a nongovernmental agency or national association. Such qualifications required a training program and examination process. 

There are no short cuts to becoming a great professional with career longevity.....

In the fast paced get-it-done quick world we live in today - career longevity is determined by consistency, reliability, exceptional customer service, and effort. This statement can be truly validated by the faulty workmanship we see posted on social media due to lack of training, questionable ethics and non- licensed professionals performing esthetic services. Your decision to obtain continual post graduate training and receive validation of industry standards by becoming certified and credentialed under the auspices of professional organizations- relays the very strong message that your not only value your own career, clients and livelihood - but wish to contribute to the legacy of our industry.

the NCEA


The National Coalition of Estheticians,Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations

NCEA Code of Ethics


  • Estheticians* will serve the best interests of their clients at all times and will provide the highest quality service possible.
  • Estheticians will maintain client confidentiality, keep treatment and documentation records, and provide clear, honest communication.
  • Estheticians will provide clients with clear and realistic goals and outcomes and will not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of the techniques rendered or products recommended.
  • Estheticians will adhere to the scope of practice of their profession and refer clients to the appropriate qualified health practitioner when indicated.


  • Estheticians will offer services only within the scope of practice as defined by the state within which they operate, if required, and in adherence with appropriate federal laws and regulations.
  • Estheticians will not utilize any technique/procedure for which they have not had adequate training and shall represent their education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly.
  • Estheticians will strictly adhere to all usage instructions and guidelines provided by product and equipment manufacturers, provided those guidelines and instructions are within the scope of practice as defined by the state, if required.
  • Estheticians will follow, at minimum, infection control practices as defined by their state regulatory agency, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).


  • Estheticians will commit themselves to ongoing education and to provide clients and the public with the most accurate information possible.
  • Estheticians will dress in attire consistent with professional practice and adhere to the Code of Conduct of their governing board.

*For the purpose of the NCEA Code of Ethics, the use of the term Esthetician applies to all licensed skin care professionals as defined by their state law.


Join the NCEA Association & Get Your National Esthetician Certification

Membership in the NCEA Association is an INVESTMENT in your career and your future!

  • Protect Your Career
  • Protect Your Salary & Earnings Potential
  • Stay Informed
  • Raise Industry Standards
  • Earn More with National Certification (through the NCEA Certified program)

The NCEA Association has it’s finger on the pulse of the skin care industry. We’re always on the lookout for legislative issues or licensing issues that may impact our members. We keep NCEA Association members informed of important news and the issues that can impact them directly or indirectly via email and social media.

Raising the standards of our profession and industry is critically important to the long-term success of our members. We work with the public and it’s important that consumers trust their providers of skin care services.

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