The definition of Intellective : "The capacity to relate to intellect - cognitive thinking, and the power to understand"

Intellective Esthetics Post Graduate Training remains steadfast in the belief that interactive and hands-on training plays a major role in the comprehension of very specific esthetic sciences - especially tactile skill sets. 

Our training is designed for discerning and progressive estheticians that want to take their careers onto a learning pathway that includes critical thinking, acceptance of new concepts and thinking outside the box. 

• We validate the importance of the  interactive educational experience - it is both productive     and effective to engage in face-to-face training – communication is the root of     understanding...

• On-line training is both convenient and for some topics - very effective. However, we    acknowledge as academic educators that not everyone “learns” the same way. We believe in      

   providing instructional techniques to engage in a variety of learning disciplines.

• WE LOVE LEARNING ourselves – we promote the power of knowledge – and knowledge is     power! There is a revitalizing experience when like individuals share their knowledge, engage     in conversation, ask questions – and have them answered.

• Our tandem lectures are designed to be thought- provoking and not just "lectures" to sit and     listen! We encourage audience participation for a engaging intellectual esthetic experience!

Join us for “outside the box’ scientific esthetic training!!!