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DermaEducation TV is a progressive platform for higher learning in advanced post graduate esthetic training - we offer live lectures, hands-on training and online classes from single subjects to full course certification. 


Engage in Education

Intellective Aesthetics

Engage in Education

Esthetic professionals in high demand recognize that in today's competitive market - there is the need to develop an exceptional edge. Engaging in higher education helps to sharpen skill sets and stratifies your knowledge base by keeping it current. Take your career onto a pathway that includes critical thinking, acceptance of new concepts and thinking outside the box.


Intellective Aesthetics

Intellective Aesthetics

Intellective Aesthetics

Intellective Aesthetics is known for  exceptional lectures and engaging hands on training at regional seminars, trade shows and group trainings.Visit our main page to learn more about the Intellective Edge.

AGS Advanced genomic solutions - skin health genetics test


Take your skin assessment program to the next level !

Bring your professional skin assessment program up to the next level with the AGS SkinHealth Test. Procedural and advanced skin assessment is advancing to a whole new level as clients are looking for highly personalized information about their own "skin identity" and preventative measures. The esthetic professional can help the client to understand their unique genetic makeup that defines their skin and what is important for their individual skin needs.  This unique genetic test analyzes genes related to skin health to identify markers that will help you to determine beneficial esthetic treatments, procedures and products best suited to your clients skin needs and support optimization of skin health. 
AGS SkinHealth test levels reveal:

  • Skin levels of hydration
  • Skin irritation factors
  • Target markers for dietary and supplement support
  • Identify optimal skin care ingredient and product compatibility
  • Define a program approach for skin health and homeostasis
  • Define an approach to discourage glycation and skin wrinkling
  • Provide educational information regarding skin wellness

DISCLAIMER: This test is not a substitute for medical advice - for the diagnosis of any health or skin disease - Please refer your client to a licensed medical physician.
As the esthetic and nutritional counseling laws vary from state to state and to remain within scope of practice under the auspices of esthetic licensure - We advise that the esthetician network or collaborate with a lifestyle coach, nutritionist, naturopath, chiropractor, or functional medicine physician for specific nutritional and supplement recommendations for your client.


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