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DermaEducation TV is a progressive platform for higher learning in advanced post graduate esthetic training - we offer live lectures, hands-on training and online classes from single subjects to full course certification. 

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Esthetic professionals in high demand recognize that in today's competitive market - there is the need to develop an exceptional edge. Engaging in higher education helps to sharpen skill sets and stratifies your knowledge base by keeping it current. Take your career onto a pathway that includes critical thinking, acceptance of new concepts and thinking outside the box.

Intellective Aesthetics


Intellective Aesthetics is known for  exceptional lectures and engaging hands on training at regional seminars, trade shows and group trainings.Visit our main page to learn more about the Intellective Edge.


On-line classes

Our online classes are pending COA assignment and final edits - Please browse!

We offer several categories for advanced postgraduate training. Please check back often as we will be adding classes regularly.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE CLASSES THAT DO NOT INDICATE A PRICE ARE IN CUE FOR ASSIGNMENT FROM COE  AND ARE NOT ACTIVE- When a price is listed, the class is active and available for purchase. If you wish to be on the wait list for a particular class, complete the information and we will notify you as soon as the class is open. 

Esthetic Modules - Series 100

Classes and course offerings in this category generally take  less than 2 hours to complete and may earn certificate of completion for course work. Topics will include review of primary esthetics concepts, short theme didactics, and sciences. 

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Esthetic Modules - Series 200

Classes and course offerings  in these modules will generally take less than 4 hours to complete and may earn certificate of completion for course work.  Topics will include advanced esthetic concepts, sciences, and clinical theories. 

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Premium Esthetic Modules - Series 300

Classes in this  module will present advanced and scientific material  related to natural sciences, nutrition, wellness, and the application and philosophy of holistic esthetics. Course work will include webinar and quiz material. Offerings in this section will grant either full certification or certificates in respective subjects. The courses will require completion of assignments, webinars, writing & research, and in some instances a required practical exam. 

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